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Tuesday, November 01, 2005



Dude.... I don't know what to say. Congradulations, I guess. That's a big step. I'm proud of you man. That's really and truely awe inspiring. And wonderful. And I know you've probably got some one-liner set up already about how this comment is gonna be EMO, (you haven't failed me yet, lol) but man, that is a pretty fantastic revelation you had. You're gonna go far, bro. Real far. And God will see you there. Just make sure you don't forget about us too. Heheh. The little people. The ones who hold you in such awe, and respect, and hold you above the swells like a hero. You deserve every bit. You've made me pretty proud, and your family and friends too. To quote you, (because you're quotes are that awesome) Stay awesome, bro.


I rarely show up over here, but when I do it's because I want to be involved in your life. And I'm so glad I didn't miss this. You're dead on right, Caleb. The world doesn't need more successful men. It needs more good men. My most earnest desire is that you will add to the number of the truly noble.


Sounds like quite an experience! So, what do you think now that it's a few weeks out? The whole Christian thing can seem so phony sometimes to me. Thanks for the thoughts!

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