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Thursday, June 29, 2006



Dude! I remember Saber Rider and can still hum the theme song. Anyway, I am currently rewatching some of Beast Wars: Transformers and the third season that was never shown on TV here... I can't believe I panned this show when I first heard about it.

Although the CG animation is just a tad above average compared to what we have nowadays, but it has great sweeping story arcs that tie in with the G1 history, great personal story arcs, intelligent script, some wacky humor and a great voice cast!

I might review it on my site soon.

Caleb "Maddog" Lovelace

Yea, Saber Rider rocked. I loved the bounty hunter guy, Colt I think was his name. It was a solid show.

I'm only really crazy about Generation One Transformers, Beast Wars never really interested me all that much. It looks okay, I guess, but I love Starscream, Bumblebee and Optimus too much.

You should write some cartoon reviews, that'd be hella cool!


Check out BWT if you can spare the time. Worth your while... especially with the cameo appearances of Optimus Prime, Megatron (the original), Soundwave (and all within the context AND the timeframe of the first ever episode of G1) and the fates of Starscream and Ravage.

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