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Wednesday, July 05, 2006



"We are not, to your great female disapointment, all gay."
Um, good?
"When you are being flirty and nice to us, we are thinking we have a chance."
There is a huge difference between 'flirty' and 'nice.' So you're saying no girls can be nice, or at least, if they are, they have to expect all the guys to come chasing after them? Well. I think the civilization level of society will drop drastically now that girls are ceasing nicety.
"We are not your buddies."
Why freakin' not?! Sorry...
"If you respond to this with a "it is Men's fault, we are not changing our ways. We are who we are and they just have to deal with it" then you are an idiot."
I agree. I don't think like that, and I have a problem with people who do. However, I also have a problem with the guys who say, "Oh, it's all the girls' fault. We just can't help ourselves." It's a two-way street.
"Said behavior could range from flirting to glancing our way."
Okay, so I'll add blinders to the list, along with not being nice.
You know, I tend not to like girls either. I have lots of serious issues with them. However, what it has led to is me having at least four very good friends who are all guys, and maybe two who are girls, if that. Yes, there are exceptions, but in general I find no problem with that.

The Badass

Ah, the J, ever the literalist and confused girl. It's ok. Everything may be screwed up but I still love ya ;).

- The Badass

Fellow Male

*sigh* Such is life. If only women understood the impact that their actions can have. Life could be simpler if only control could be maintained... If only restraint could be excersised. Ok, too many ifs. At any rate, Dude, you've got some points made, and I endorse your post. You have the support of Fellow Males throughout the world.


"Or if we are city slickers (and not, like this author, badasses) then we probably enjoy extremely stupid looking cars with many lights and the idea that we are some kind of underground ghetto racing gangster drivers."


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